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The Difference: Natural Gas vs. Propane Generator

Whole house generators that are permanently installed to provide seamless backup power can be classified as one of two things, a natural gas generator or a propane generator. Depending on what your GE Dealer recommends, what is available in your area and the best fit for your home, GE offers a wide range of both options. Check out the detailed information below and then visit our generator sizing calculator to find the best generator for your home!

Natural Gas Generators

When available, natural gas powered generators can directly connect to the existing gas line. This means there is no worry about changing or storing fuel. Your GE Generator Dealer or contractor will help determine if your current meter can handle the capacity needed by the standby generator and will be there to answer specifics regarding installation and maintenance.

Propane Generators

GE also offers a variety of propane generators that work best when natural gas is not available. Propane tanks are connected to the backup generator and automatically begin sending power to the home during power outages. Again, your GE Dealer or contractor will help you determine if a propane backup generator is the best fit for your needs!

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