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GE Standby Generators Exclusively at Home Depot

Shopping for generators at Home Depot?
Here’s why you should choose a GE standby generator system.

  • GE is proud be included among Home Depot’s line of backup power products.
  • Why standby? It is the best choice for a permanent, automatic backup generator
  • GE standby systems are smarter, letting you buy a smaller, more affordable generator unit 
  • Our unmatched warranty provides comprehensive support, offering 4 & 5 year limited warranty plans, and includes parts and labor. We stand by the products we build.

Home Depot Generator Installation & Maintenance

  • You can schedule an in-home consultation through Home Depot with a licensed, insured installer
  • Financing is available for installation costs, as well as equipment 
  • Standby generator installation comes with 1-year labor warranty and MyInstall project management tracking
  • Schedule on-going standby generator maintenance with your licensed installer

Most Popular Generators at Home Depot

GE Backup Generator  20,000 kW Home Generator System with 200 Amp Transfer Switch & Free Maintenance Kit
Our new GE 20kW Standby Generator is our smartest generator ever. We're excited to offer the industries only exclusive Dual 200-amp automatic transfer switch. Featuring our ground-breaking Symphony® II Power Management Technology, advanced safeguarding features that meet rigorous industry fire protection standards, and a unique air flow design that makes this our quietest backup generator yet.

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10 kw Home GE Generator   10,000 kW Home Generator System with 200 Amp Transfer Switch & Free Maintenance Kit
Power your essentials PLUS up to 2 air conditioners with our new 10kW Home GE Generator. Featuring our groundbreaking Symphony® II Power Management System, our 10kW standby generator is smaller, smarter and more fuel-efficient than your average backup power system. With an unmatched warranty, power management technology and the smallest standby generator footprint of its class, our 10kW generator is our best value home generator. Compact. Convenient. Powerful. The smart generator.

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