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How Does a Standby Generator Work?

Watch to find out How GE Generators Work

In this video, you'll see how a generator system works. The two products that make up the GE Generator system include: the standby unit and the patented Symphony® II Power Management System – transfer switch and modules. The generator system protects your home by detecting a power outage and within second provides your home with backup power.

So how does it work? The standby generator system constantly monitors utility power, when a power outage occurs the generator system automatically turns on. Symphony® II Power Management allows you to manage and prioritize the use of up to 8 high wattage appliances. It’s the smart way to direct backup power anywhere in your house, without the need for a large, expensive standby generator. When utility power returns, the Symphony® II power management transfer switch will shift your home back to utility power without you having to lift a finger. Because GE generators are smart, sophisticated, and largely automated, you are protected from the elements as your home standby system does the work. 

Standby generators use either natural gas or liquid propane vapor to operate. Your generator system will utilize the fuel type that is already available in your home.

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