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10 Worst Hurricanes in US History from GE Generators


10 Worst Hurricanes in US History from GE Generators

With the 2013 hurricane season almost upon us, it’s more important than ever to understand the damage and destruction these tropical cyclones can cause if your family and home are unprepared. Learning from past hurricanes can help us better prepare for future weather events. In the wake of a massive storm, emergency crews work hard to restore power to effected neighborhoods, but that can sometimes take weeks. GE Home Generators helps ensure that in time of need, you and your family won’t be left in the dark, and can provide you with dependable backup power this hurricane season.

Learn how a generator works to provide standby backup power during even the worst hurricanes, keeping crucial appliances like your sump pump and refrigerator on and working hard.

Below is a list of the 10 worst hurricanes in US history. Each storm is unique and caused massive power outages that left entire communities in the dark. GE is dedicated to provide the energy your home needs during and after a storm this hurricane season.

Galveston, 1900

This weather disaster recorded by the National Weather Service is the category 4 hurricane of Galveston, Texas that flattened the small Island. Howling winds up to 120 mph caused massive damage with an inflation estimate of up to $192 billion dollars (in today’s dollars) in destruction.

Miami Hurricane, 1926

Before technology was sophisticated enough to predict them so that you could prepare for hurricanes , Miami was caught off guard by a category 4 hurricane in 1926. With an estimated $140 billion in damages, a 15-foot surge flattened downtown Miami.

Hurricane Katrina, 2005

According to the National Weather Service , the most devastating and well known tropical cyclone in recent history is the category 3 Hurricane Katrina. The levees protecting New Orleans, Louisiana from the Gulf of Mexico were obliterated resulting in unprecedented devastation, causing $108 billion in damages. At least 2 million people suffered through a power outage that lasted several weeks while others were temporarily or permanently displaced from their homes.

Hurricane Sandy, 2012

As a category 3 hurricane Sandy proved that even with the latest technology and early warning detection, massive damage is still very much a reality. Slamming into New York and New Jersey with winds up to 115 mph, Hurricane Sandy cost $75 billion dollars in damage.* More than 8 million people went without power during the storm and were left in the dark for up-to 13 days!

Hurricane Andrew, 1992

Category 4 Hurricane Andrew blew through Florida and Louisiana as one of the most intense tropical cyclones in US history. Causing $26.5 billion in damages, Andrew’s winds exceeded 140 mph with 17-foot wave surges that flattened 100,000 Florida homes, 70,000 acres of land in the Everglades and spawned tornado’s in southeastern Louisiana.

New England Hurricane, 1938

During the hurricane season of 1938 Long Island, New York was hit with a category 3 hurricane, The Long Island Express. With winds gusting up to 120 mph, the storm caused an estimated $40 billion in damage.

Hurricane Ike, 2008

Hurricane Ike at one point stretched 600 miles in diameter, tearing apart the cities of Galveston and Houston, Texas. The category 2 hurricane caused $29.5 billion dollars in damage. The aftermath of the storm caused massive power outages that lasted up to two weeks.

Lake Okeechobee, 1928

Communities surrounding Lake Okeechobee, Florida sunk in 20 feet of water after the category 4 hurricane slammed to shore. With winds up to 144 mph and estimated $35 billion dollars in damage, this hurricane earns its spot among the top 10.

Hurricane Camille, 1969

Category 3 Hurricane Camille caused flash flooding throughout Mississippi and the Appalachian Mountains with totals of 31 inches of rain that fell in a record of 3 to 5 hours. This powerful storm, with wind reaching over 200mph, costed $20 million dollars in estimated damages.

Hurricane Wilma, 2005

Category 3 Hurricane Wilma charged through Cape Romano, Florida with winds reaching up to 92 mph, spawning ten tornados in its wake and causing residents to go without power for up to three weeks. Damages were estimated at $16.8 billion by the National Weather Service.

Now that you know the damage the worst hurricanes in US history have caused, don’t get left in the dark during the 2013 hurricane season.

Contact a GE Dealer in your area to learn how a home standby generator can be your backup power source.

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