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Power Outage Information: Duration Has Lasting Impact


Power outages can cause major damage to infrastructure and larger impact more than previously thought. It is therefore no surprise that the duration of power outages factors into not only the tangibles, like cost and time, but also to the overall unrest of you and your family.

Harris Poll Determines Long Power Outages are a Nuisance 

A survey performed by Harris Poll asked more than 2,000 U.S. residents questions related to blackouts & a loss of power: specifically, “how long would a power outage need to last before it was considered a major inconvenience?”

More than half of the respondents answered that it would take seven hours or less for an interruption in electricity to disrupt their daily lives and enter the realm of a true nuisance.

Percent of Respondents

When Power Outage Becomes a Nuisance


4 to 7 Hours


3 Hours or Less


24 Hours or more


12 to 23 Hours


8 to 11 Hours

If long power outages are disrupting your life, home standby generators from GE offer the assurance and backup power needed, with no time lost, when the lights go out. Instead of waiting anxiously for the power return or asking questions like – “Is there a power outage in my area?” and “how long will the lights be out?” during the next storm – talk to a GE Dealer in your area to learn about your backup power options.

And as the Harris Poll uncovered, even just 4 to 7 hours without power is enough to have a major impact upon your life. How long would it take for YOU to feel the inconvenience of a power outage? Share it with us on the GE Facebook page.