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Power Outage Information and Causes


In recent years, the number of power outages in the US has skyrocketed, costing the economy an estimated $80 billion to nearly $200 billion per year according to research by Massoud Amin, a senior member of Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers. With home generators becoming more efficient, affordable, and compact, they are a smarter and more financially viable solution for families who frequently experience power loss. Already know which GE standby generator is the best solution for your family? Find a GE Generator dealer today.

Read on to learn more about common causes of power outages.

Weather Causes Power Outages

The Edison Electric Institute attributes more than 70% of US power outages to weather. Ice and snow create a burden on power lines, causing them to break. Snow and wind can also cause tree branches to break, falling on power lines and damaging poles that results in service interruptions. Heavy rain and flooding have been known to cause damage to both above-ground and underground electrical equipment.

Is your region prone to thunder storms? Lightning seeks out tall objects to conduct electricity, gravitating to utility poles, wires, transformers, and more. Whether you live in the coldest, snowiest parts of the Midwest or the most temperate regions of the Western United States, weather can interrupt your utilities.

Short Circuits and Animals

Short circuits happen when an electric current travels along a path that is different from the intended one in an electrical circuit. This causes a burst of electric current, which can lead to equipment damage and fires. Believe it or not, one of the more common causes of short circuits is wildlife. Squirrels, birds, and other species climb on poles, fuses, and transformers and are some of the primary suspects for power loss.

Utility Service Interruptions

The demand for electricity in the United States has grown immensely in recently years, as more Americans add appliances and electronics to their homes. Your utility company may plan a power outage to upgrade infrastructure in order to keep up with the community’s needs.

Is your area affected by power outages? Consider a GE standby generator to keep your lights on, your home dry and your family safe during the power outages. Find the best generator size for your home or business and learn more about our standby generator product lines.