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Home Standby Generator Mantenance Guide


You invested in a GE Standby Generator to give you peace of mind during power outages.
While they’re built to power your home efficiently for years, the generator engine requires maintenance just like any other GE Home Standby Generator Maintenanceengine.

When it comes to home standby generators, it’s best to leave the majority of the maintenance up to the professionals, especially if your generator engine appears to be having more serious issues. Your local generator service center can help answer any questions you may have and take care of service issues, or you can ask your local generator dealer for assistance.

However, you can make sure your standby generator is running well with some easy steps. Retailers like Electric Generators Direct sell standby GE Generator maintenance kits for the Briggs & Stratton engines that power your GE Generator. Be sure to consult your operator’s manual for your specific engine before performing any maintenance or purchasing a maintenance kit. Generator maintenance kits contain the items needed for the steps we outline below, such as new air filters, spark plugs, and oil.

GE Makes Generator Maintenance Easy

Monitoring Your Standby Generator 

Not only can you schedule regular standby generator maintenance with your GE dealer, but the Infohub & other monitoring accessories will alert you to any change in status of your unit (is it ready? Is it on? Is service needed?). With GE’s Infohub technology, you can even get alerts to your smart phone, tablet or computer.

Protecting Your Generator from the Cold

Generator maintenance kit for cold weather

Like any machine that is kept outdoors, a home standby generator needs to be ready for the elements. GE generators are installed with durable, protective enclosures to prevent damage from storms. For residents living in winter climates where temperatures drop below 30F, take advantage of the GE cold weather generator maintenance kit that contains a battery warmer and oil heater that will automatically activate when temperatures drop.

Taking Care of Your Generator Engine in 3 Simple Steps

Changing the Oil

The oil in your generator engine needs to be changed just like the oil in your car. You’ll need to empty your old oil, replace it with new oil, and replace your old oil filter. And like any engine, you’ll want to give it time to cool off if it runs for a while. If your generator is going for more than 48 hours, allow it to cool down and check the oil, changing it if necessary.

Checking / Changing the Spark Plug

The next thing to check is your spark plugs. They get worn out after a year of use, so make sure to replace them to keep your generator running right.

Changing the Air Filter

And just like you change the air filter in your lawn mower engine or car, you need to change the air filter in your generator engine. They can get pretty dirty, which can impede how well the engine functions.

If you’re an engine aficionado, it’s easy to perform basic generator engine maintenance with a kit – after taking all necessary safety precautions and consulting your operator’s manual, of course. But if not, that’s what your local friendly GE Generator dealer and service technicians are for. Either way, as long as you take care of it, your GE Generator will provide you peace of mind during outages.