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Prepare for Power Outages at Your Home Business


A power outage can take your small business’s most important tools, from computers to wireless routers and phones, and take them out of commission. With more and more occurrences of power loss each year, a GE home generator can be a clever investment that saves your home business time and money.

GE’s smart Symphony II® Automatic Transfer Switch monitors voltage provided to small storefronts and home offices, automatically detects power outages, tells the standby generator to start up on its own, so your business doesn’t miss a beat. Find out how a standby generator can prevent downtime and lost productivity, and read about other power outage tips for small businesses. 

Can a Standby Generator Power a Computer?


GE Home Generator Systems understands that computers are a part of keeping your business running. GE 35kW1, 48kW1 and 60kW1 liquid cooled standby generators feature a professional-grade GM Vortec generator engine, and a premium alternator that helps power smoothly flow to your devices from your backup generator.

GE generators feature a 5 year limited warranty2-- the best among backup generator brands and your guarantee of quality and performance.

Is Using a Generator Safe for Electronics?

Power from a GE backup generator is just as safe for your business laptops, desktop computers, cell phones, and other devices as the electricity coming out of a wall socket. The spikes or surges that accompany power generation are just a normal aspect of electricity. Nevertheless, GE recommends a good surge protector to guard against small fluctuations in power.

Remember to regularly backup your work or save it to a network or external drive as an additional safeguard against lost work due to a power outage or equipment failure.

Choosing the Right GE Generator for a Home Business

Power needs differ greatly between homes and business types. A home-based caterer may need an industrial refrigerator, freezer, mixer and other kitchen appliances while a graphic designer may only need an overhead light and iPad recharge to keep his/her freelance work online.  The generator size you need will also depend on the size of your house and preferred home appliances you’d also like to keep running during a power outage, air conditioning or sump pumps for example.

Need help choosing a generator for your home business? GE offers a variety of tools to determine what appliances your backup generator powers:

>>  Read about What Appliances Will My Home Generator Power?

>>  Use the GE generator calculator for a recommendation specific to your home size and business needs. 

Are you interested in protecting your productivity and keeping your business services online through even the toughest weather conditions? Learn more about GE’s generators for home and small business backup power today. For office buildings and larger business operations, find out about commercial generators by GE.

1This generator is rated in accordance with UL (Underwriters Laboratories) 2200 (stationary engine generator assemblies) and CSA (Canadian Standards Association) standard C22.2 No. 100-04 (motors and generators).

2Warranty details available at