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Energy Saving Tips for Your Home by GE Generator Systems


Energy Saving Tips for Your Home by GE Standby Generator Systems

Using energy conservatively is one of the easiest ways to contribute to a greener future and save money around your household. By making a few changes to your daily routine, you can easily save energy and improve your quality of life without making any major sacrifices to your comfort.

Reducing home energy requirements can also benefit those who already own a home generator or who are interested in installing one. Installing energy-efficient appliances, using low wattage light bulbs or following other green tips for your home will decrease your power requirements, allowing you to install a smaller more fuel efficient home generator.

To enjoy all the benefits of an energy-efficient house, read on for easy home energy saving tips from GE.

Save Energy and Money on HVAC

Finding new heating and air conditioning solutions for your home is a great opportunity to save energy, decrease your electricity bills, and be more environmentally friendly. Bigger isn’t always better, for one thing; overly large heating and cooling systems use a lot of electricity and can make a great deal of noise. Both over- and under-sized air conditioning units can experience reduced lifespans because of needing to shut on and off more frequently and less efficiency causing wear and tear on parts.
Talk to an HVAC professional to find an appropriately sized unit that will keep your home comfortable and reduce costs.

With a smart generator size tool and helpful generator dealers, GE Home Generators will aid you in finding the appropriately sized back up power solution for your home, so you aren’t spending too much money and wasting additional energy your home doesn’t need.


Go Green with Energy Saving CFL Bulbs


Most people know to switch off lights in rooms that no one is using, but energy savings don’t stop there. Replace old light bulbs, especially those in heavily used spaces like family rooms, outdoor areas, and bedrooms, with compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs. CFL low wattage bulbs cast the same amount of visible light, use 1/5 to 1/3 of the electricity, and last eight to fifteen times longer than old incandescent bulbs.

Do you really want to boost your electricity saving? Install efficient Energy Star certified light fixtures that contain motion sensors or run on timers.


Cooking Up Savings with Energy Saving Appliances


Use small appliances like microwaves and toaster ovens to reduce cooking energy. These small home appliances also generate less heat than ovens and stoves, requiring less of an output by your heating and air conditioning units to get your home to a comfortable temperature again.

Are you in the midst of a kitchen renovation? Look for Energy Star certified refrigerators, which use half the wattage of those manufactured in the early 1990’s and, according to Resnet, can run continuously on less electricity than a 60 watt light bulb.

Many municipalities have appliance recycling and disposal programs, offering incentives to dispose of your old kitchen appliances in a green way. Contact your city or town government to find out more.

Power outages can be unexpected and expensive, but with a GE Home Generator, your family can be prepared. Want to save more money in your kitchen? Find out how GE Home Generators can help you save food during power outages .

More Energy Saving Tips


Want to learn more about saving electricity, lowering your electric bills, and taking care of the environment? Check out The US Department of Energy’s Energy Saver Guide today.