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Best Holiday Sales & Appliance Deals for Homeowners

November 26, 2013 STORM PREPAREDNESS

The holiday season can be a great time to make new purchases for your home, particularly if you’re in the market for bigger ticket items like a GE home generator. Take advantage of retailers who offer you good holiday deals, and leverage your other gift purchases to earn rewards on items you may buy in the future.

Between the convenience of online shopping and the only-in-store sale tactics that retailers use to lure you in, holiday shopping today requires more strategy than ever. Follow our tips to make the most of your dollars and maximize your purchasing power.


Finding the Best Holiday Deals for Home Goods & Appliances

Finding the best holiday sales is all about research and preparation! There are two approaches you can take: finding the right store to purchase the product you have in mind, or figuring out how to get the most out of shopping at your chosen retailer.


Know the home product you want, but not the store?

Start researching the specific product you want. If you’re looking for a GE generator, determine the standby generator size and specifications you need as a first step. Let’s say you decide on a 10kW1 generator. Get initial pricing and installation information from Home Depot or a local GE Generator dealer. If possible, save the product to a wish list (you can do this at Home Depot) or bookmark it to revisit the site later.

The same strategy goes for a refrigerator, washer/dryer or home décor. Do some research for Black Friday sales and other sales around the holidays at Home Depot, Lowe’s, Walmart, and other stores to get great home appliance deals.  You can track many of your favorite stores’ Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals at and When holiday sales come along, you’ll be ready to make your purchase quickly and confidently.

Once you’ve narrowed down your home goods store list, you can save on big purchases for your home even if those specific products are excluded from holiday sales. 

Have a favorite home goods store in mind?

Once you know where you want to buy your generator or home appliance, you can take advantage of store-specific deals and rewards programs. Buying a big item like a generator or new washing machine for your home is a significant purchase and you want to make sure you’re getting the biggest bang for your buck.


  • Follow your store on social media: Many home good stores have exclusive giveaways for liking their Facebook page or post exclusive deals throughout the holiday season to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. Also, don’t ignore sidebar social ads. Many retailers, including home goods stores, offer discounts in social media ads on Facebook and elsewhere.
  • Sign up for email updates: You’ll stay updated on the latest featured holiday sales and maybe even get members-only deals.
  • Join rewards programs: Make your purchases work for you! Holiday sales may not extend to big ticket home purchases, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t save. Earn future incentives while buying those holiday gifts.

For example, Home Depot has a consumer rewards credit card. Fill the stocking of the tool-lover in your life while racking up exclusive offers and rewards you may be able to apply to a generator or other major purchase.


More Money-Saving Tips for Holiday Shopping

Of course, there’s so much more to taking advantage of holiday deals than just waiting for a major retailer to put your intended purchases on sale. Here are more ways to get the best price during the season of holiday sales.

  • Coupons (especially cyber-coupons & promo codes): Clipping coupons may sound retro, but couponing is still a great way to save money – both in stores and online. Never make a purchase online without checking first to see if the retailer offers coupons, holiday deals or promo codes. Good places to investigate include RetailMeNot and
  • Gift Card Deals: You don’t have to wait for someone to give you a gift card to take advantage of their benefits. Websites like Gift Card Granny allow you to buy discounted gift cards or sell any that you may want to get rid of. Gift Card Granny includes Home Depot and Lowe’s cards, among others, so check those out before you purchase a new generator. Many credit cards also offer discounted gift cards for major retailers.
  • Price Checks: Don’t forget to compare prices before you click “checkout” online or visit a home goods store. Sometimes retailers will take advantage of gung ho Black Friday shoppers by including items on “sales” even though there is little to no real discount. To avoid falling for holiday sales tricks, be an informed consumer and research standard prices for products on your list. Even a quick mobile search in the check-out line will do the trick!


Hopefully, you’re ready to be strategic with your holiday shopping and make your money go farther. Once you’ve found holiday deals for everyone on your list, don’t feel guilty about indulging yourself on a few extras for your home – with all your money-saving work, you’ve earned it!


1This generator is rated in accordance with UL (Underwriters Laboratories) 2200 (stationary engine generator assemblies) and CSA (Canadian Standards Association) standard C22.2 No. 100-04 (motors and generators).