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8 Fun Power Outage Games to Play in the Dark


Power Outage GamesWhen the lights suddenly go out, it’s imperative to have a strategy. Luckily, power outage preparedness is something you’ve already planned for. The blackout emergency kit has flash lights with extra batteries and you’ve already taken the safety precautions necessary to keep your family safe.   … But what comes next, especially when the kids are asking what to do during a blackout?

GE Home Standby Generators has compiled a list of the 8 best games to play during a power outage. Power outage games can be played not only by children, but for anyone who is ready to have fun, even if the lights are out!

There are many things to do during a power outage, like clean, finish that small home improvement project you’ve been putting off, garden, read, listen to a battery powered radio or even nap! But why not make the most of your time in the dark and choose one of the power outage activities below:

Blackout Games: Things to Do During a Power Outage

1. Shadow puppets are one of the simplest games to play during a power outage. All it requires is a dark room, which you already have and one flash light! Start by projecting a flash light onto a flat surface and hold your hands close to the bulb in shapes like the classic dog or bird. Then, get a little more creative and cut out shapes and characters to create a theatrical and dramatic display as big as the wall that will keep you and your kids entertained for hours.

2. Charades is one of the liveliest games to play in the dark especially if there is a big group. All that is required is one flashlight to project onto the person acting out the word and maybe a few giggles will work as well.

3. Classic board games will keep the older children occupied for a while, especially if they’re used to playing games on the computer or via console. Take some quality time to tell stories of how you used to play when you were young.

4. Card games are another classic that will bring back memories and only require a small amount of light to play. Then if someone is a magician in the family, take the blackout opportunity to mystify and entertain!

5. When your kids are ready to burn off some energy, send them to the backyard for some flashlight tag. This may require some supervision to ensure everyone is playing fair and safe, but the kids will have a blast! The game is just like regular tag except the “you’re out” rule only applies if/when you get caught in the flashlight crosshairs!

6. If you’re trying to think of more fun games to play in the dark, don’t forget hide and seek! Requiring only a flashlight and some keen detective skills, send the kids tip-toeing around the house for a fun, quiet game.

7. Then, tell a ghost story for a calmer more inclusive but also spine-chilling blackout game! Don’t forget to shine the flash light up during all of the scary details to really keep the family interested.

8. And finally, gather the family on a blanket in the backyard for some star gazing. Hopefully the clouds will be clear enough to see the beautiful starlit night. Consider setting up a tent and camping outside if the weather permits for a lasting and memorable end to a day full of power outage activities.


If the lights are still out and the kids are asleep, it’s time for the adults to relax. Take some time to look through a photo album (with the help of a flash light) or prepare a quiet outdoor BBQ with a glass of wine… But also take the time to ask, “Do I need a home standby generator?” and talk to a GE Dealer in your area today about options to keep your family safe and entertained with backup power today.