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What are Symphony™ II Power Controls and why are they better?

What are Symphony™ II Power Controls and why are they better?

The patented Symphony™ controls are computer controlled devices that connect to your homes electrical panel and the GE standby generator. Featuring patented power technologies, the Symphony™ family of power controls allow for much greater sizing flexibility than the competition. Standard whole house packages (10kW - 20kW) include a generator and 200 amp Symphony™ whole house automatic transfer switch which features patented load shedding capabilities that enable you to prioritize up to two high wattage appliances, typically central air conditioning, without fear of overload. For consumers with homes featuring all electric appliances, the Symphony™ power management system upgrade enables consumers to maintain the same compact overall generator size by adding up to four additional lower priority, high wattage appliances for whole house comfort. The system 'manages' consumer power demand in real time, thus allowing consumers the full range of appliances and amenities in the home with a more compact generator.

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