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Automatic Transfer Switch Models

Our auto transfer switch for the whole house standby generator is truly one of a kind. Each GE Generator (10kW1-48kW1) comes equipped with Symphony® II Power Management technology to provide seamless backup power. The automatic transfer switch is computer-controlled, monitors home energy and manages power distribution while the generator is in use. All GE transfer switches must be installed by a licensed electrician.

With a GE transfer switch, the generator automatically powers up when it senses a power outage and turns off once power is restored. GE power management systems maximize generator efficiency by allowing you to power more home appliances with a smaller, more affordable generator.

Learn more about individual generator transfer switch models below.

GE Home Generator Transfer Switches

When buying a GE standby generator for your home, you will need to choose the best automatic transfer switch to power your house and necessary appliances. GE Generator Systems dealers can help you determine the right fit for your needs.

50 Amp, 10 Circuit Transfer Switch 

The 50 amp transfer switch is ideal for the smallest home standby generators, powering up to a maximum of 10 circuits. Convenient indoor/outdoor installation2 options. 
Availble on these GE home standby generator models:

Symphony® II 200 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch
One of our most versatile units, the 200 amp transfer switch provides power to the whole house, while brilliantly managing up to 8 major home appliances. Convenient indoor/outdoor installation2 options. 
Available on these GE home standby generator models:
10kW1, 13kW1, 17kW1, 20kW1, 30kW1, 35kW1-48kW1

Symphony® II Dual 200 Amp/Split 400 Amp Transfer Switch
For traditional transfer switch installation2, larger homes and businesses with split 400A home utility service can be difficult. Only GE offers a solution, a dual split 200/400 amp transfer switch, that makes installation2 easier by providing two 200 amp transfer switches within a single unit (requiring a single installation taking less time, money and space). Convenient indoor/outdoor installation options. 
Available on these GE home standby generator models:
17kW1, 20kW1, 30kW1, 35kW1, 48kW1

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Commercial Generator Transfer Switches

Getting backup power for your small business? These generator transfer switch models are available for all GE commercial generators, from the 35kW1 to the 62kW1 units. As always, you can contact a GE dealer for assistance in choosing the right standby generator for your business. 

GE Zenith ZTG Series Transfer Switch

The Zenith ZTG is made specifically for industrial and commercial use. ZTG transfer switches are dependable and easy to operate thanks to the MX150 control panel.

Available for all commercial standby generator models:

35kW1, 48kW1, 60kW1

GE Zenith ZTX Series Transfer Switch

For large homes and small businesses, the ZTX transfer switch is also equipped with an easy-to-use control panel indicating power availability, switch positions and load energized. It also incorporates a double-throw, mechanically interlocked contractor mechanism. 

Available for all commercial standby generator models:

35kW1, 48kW1, 60kW1