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Monitoring Accessories

Remote System Status Panel

This panel is commonly wired and mounted in the home to provide a visual cue of: Low Battery Voltage, Low Oil Pressure, Low Voltage, Engine Does Not Start, Low Frequency, Engine Overspeed, High Oil Temp and Transfer Switch Fault. The Remote System Status Panel is available for all GE standby generators, 8-20kW1.

Basic Wireless Monitor

Monitoring made easy. Place the GE Basic Wireless Monitor in your house and you know your generator is working flawlessly - without having to step foot outside. The Basic Wireless Monitor is included with the 8kW1, 10kW1, 17kW1 and 20kW1 GE standby generators.

Wireless Router

Expand the range of your generator's wireless network with the Wireless Router for GE. The router is for use with the Basic Wireless Monitor in homes where the generator is placed further than 200 ft. from the house, allowing network devices to communicate with one another. This router can be plugged into any standard outlet within your home.

GE Symphony II® Power Monitor

Compatible with GE home generators up to 48kW1, the GE Symphony II Power Monitor provides you with the status of your generator during a power outage. The monitor stays inside of your home, plugs into any standard wall outlet and uses indicator lights to show power management in real-time for updates. This monitor comes with a 1 year limited warranty.

 Infohub™ Infohub™ is wireless monitoring for home generators. Compatible with any GE Generator, it notifies your computer, tablet or smart phone with your generator status, generator maintenance needs, as well as generator service faults and service schedule reminders.
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