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31 Jan 2014
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New GE 30-kW Standby Generator Offers Homes Affordable Commercial-Grade Option

The new 30-kilowatt1 (kW) liquid cooled standby generator from GE Generator Systems is equipped with commercial-grade features and was designed with residential homes in mind.… 

23 Sep 2013
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Smart Generator Technology Saves Homeowners Money on Backup Power

Emergency preparedness doesn't have to be pricey.… 

20 Sep 2013
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Star Gas (Petro) Offers Standby Generators from GE Generator Systems

Residential power outages, often caused by strong storms or other natural disasters, do more than leave households in the dark. … 

16 Sep 2013
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Stay Plugged in After a Power Outage to Remain Safe, Comfortable

Staying plugged in after a power outage can be the difference between comfort and chaos.… 

09 Sep 2013
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Two Easy Steps for Emergency Preparedness, FEMA Says

Emergency preparedness is as simple as having a kit and making a plan.… 

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