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Home Standby Generator Installation from GE

Here's how it works:

Step 1: Get a Generator Installation Cost Estimate from GE Dealers

After learning how a standby generator works and why GE Generators are the best choice for you, it's time to call your authorized GE Generator Systems Dealer or qualified electrician/licensed contractor. They will conduct a free in-person evaluation to determine an estimate of the standby generator installation cost.

The estimate is based on where the standby generator will be placed, the fuel source and electrical services it will utilize. Your local GE Dealer will also need to factor in the amount of wattage necessary, using a generator size calculator, to power your home or business during a power outage. 
Standby Generator Installation 

Step 2: Backup Generator Installation

Based upon the best standby generator choice for your needs, it's time to purchase the generator, transfer switch and accessories for generator maintenance.

Your local GE Generator Systems Dealer or qualified electrician/licensed contractor will work with a gas line installation company, plumber or propane gas company to connect the generator to a gas line or other appropriate fuel source.

Your new standby generator's installation must strictly comply with all applicable codes, industry standards, laws, regulations and provided installation manual. Your authorized GE Generator Systems dealer or installer will coordinate with authorities for any inspections or generator permits that may be required.

Since carbon monoxide from generators is emitted into the air, carbon monoxide detectors/alarms must be installed and maintained.


Step 3: Standby Generator Maintenance after Installation

Test your installed generator based on start-up instructions provided with the unit.

Register your standby generator.

Professional installation is required to maintain the generator warranty. Licensed technicians ensure that all the necessary permits are obtained to pass building inspections throughout the standby generator installation. Most GE standby generator systems dealers are also capable of not only performing the necessary installation, but can also offer generator maintenance arrangements that ensure generator service on a regular basis.
Generator Installation