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Monitor Your GE Generator Status - Everywhere You Go!

Who Needs GE Generators' Infohub™:

—For GE standby generator owners 

—Wireless Monitoring for your computer, tablet or smart phone for home generator owners

—Infohub is compatible with all GE standby generators as of August 2005
                    8 kW Standby Generator Wireless Monitoring 
 GE Generators Infohub: Wireless Generator Monitoring    Wireless Monitoring for Standby Generators

What Infohub™ Generator Alerts Tell You:

—Generator status and generator maintenance needs

—Generator service faults and service schedule reminders

Why Infohub™ wireless Monitoring Is Easy:

Its user friendly custom web platform is easy to navigate around

—Its simple installation takes less than 15 minutes

—Its hands-free
servicing with optional home generator maintenance alerts go directly to the GE generator dealer for immediate repair and troubleshooting

—Its affordable
monthly or yearly subscription pricing makes this wireless monitoring possible for many GE standby generator owners
                      Small Home Generator
 GE Generator Status Text Updates   GE Generators Infohub Alert via Text Message
Your Generator Monitoring Options:

—To receive emails or text messages (or both) about the performance needs of your GE generator 

—To have your servicing dealer receive backup generator notifications when your standby generator needs maintenance 
Learn how to log-in to the Infohub™ website & how to manage your Infohub™ account by clicking here