Generator Size Calculator

All GE Generator Systems can power your essentials (120V appliances). Below are some types of appliances every GE Generator System powers.

  • Sump Pump Backup Power
    Sump Pump
  • Microwave powered by a Home Generator
  • Television Wattage
  • Refrigerator Wattage for Generator
  • Keep Lights on During a Power Outage
    Lights (10)

  • Furnace Fan

  • Garage Door Opener

  • Computer

Select the high wattage appliances (240V) that you want managed during a power outage. GE Generator Systems will provide you with a customized generator options for your power needs.

Tell us about your home and the appliances you want working during a power outage.

*All GE Home Standby Solutions from 10kW-60kW provide a Whole House (all circuit) connection to your home's utility panel. Rooms/appliances indicated above are for example only. Please consult a licensed electrician for your specific requirements.