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Choosing a Generator

GE Can Help When Buying a Generator
Choosing a generator for your home or business? GE provides all the tools you need to learn:

–How standby generators work
–What generator size you'll need
–Your generator financing options
–How GE Generators' features work to keep your essential appliances working during a power outage
–The need-to-know info. on generator installation

How a Generator works

Not sure what standby generators do or how they do it? This video demonstrates how the Symphony II® power management system and automatic transfer switch power your appliances efficiently and with no work on your part.

Watch the How a Generator Works video now!
             Generator Size Calculator

Finding the Right Generator Size for Your Home or Business

Once you're familiar with home generator technology, it's time to figure out which one is right for your backup power needs. GE Generators provides an easy-to-use generator size calculator to determine that. All you need to know is the square footage of your home, your standard power source and what appliances you want to power. With a few quick clicks, you're provided with the standby generator options to get the best value for your investment. 

                       Standby Generator Deals & Finance Options

Generator Financing Options

Any GE Generator Systems product can be purchased with the Briggs & Stratton Standby Power Credit Card including labor and installation costs on your new standby generator.

While considering buying a generator, check out all of your finance options from GE Generator Systems.

GE Generator Transfer Switch & Key Features

GE Standby Generator Features

Wondering why you should choose GE over other brands? Our generator technology allows for a smart, more efficient use of energy to power more appliances for less! From the generator engine to the transfer switch and infohub™ wireless monitoring, GE generator features make it a leader in backup power innovation.
 How To Install a Generator from GE Standby Generators

Generator Installation

When buying a generator, installation is an instrumental part of the purchase process. GE Generators recommends enlisting a GE dealer or certified electrician to safely install a standby generator. Our generator installation page provides all the details you'll need to guide you through the process.

Learn more about Installing a Standby Generator today!

Have more questions? Ready to buy a generator? Contact Local GE Generators Dealers to answer questions on how to choose a generator that's right for your home or business.