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A standby generator system gives you the peace of mind required to make it through the storm. Backup power from GE Generator Systems is designed to fit your power needs perfectly.

Smaller, smarter GE Home Generator Systems let you keep more money in your pocket — from initial investment and beyond. All without giving up the power you need.

Because you deserve the most economical, most efficient, custom standby generator solution for your home and your lifestyle. And the answer is nothing short of revolutionary: GE.

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Watch What a Power Outage Can Cost

Power outages are a nuisance. But while many of us think of power outages as briefly occurring during the occasional thunderstorm, power outages are a common reality that can be more expensive and destructive than you would realize.

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The AC or heating system that keeps you comfortable. The TV, computer and smart phone that keeps you informed. The food in your freezer. Your lights, security system and sump pump. They are not just conveniences. They’re the things that keep you comfortable, connected and safe.

View all of our standby generator systems.

Now you can be sure your home will keep running exactly as it should, even during extended power outages.

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