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Consult a Pro for GE Generator Cost Quotes & Maintenance

If you're researching the best generator system for your home, you don't have to do it alone. You can consult a GE Dealer to understand the specific needs for your backup power solution.

GE Generator dealers are here to provide expert advice on your initial purchase decision, standby generator installation and ongoing maintenance.

When you have a GE dealer visit your home to do a free in-home estimate, here are some of the items they will discuss with you and look at:

  • What you would like to power during an outage, whether it is just the essentials like your lights and refrigerator or your whole house
  • The location of your electrical meter and circuit breaker
  • The available fuel options: Natural gas or Liquid Propane
  • The best placement of option for you generator

Once the dealer has reviewed these items he will provide you with an estimate based on:

  • The Standby Generator System
  • The installation cost—largely dependent on the electrical and fuel configuration of your home
  • Permit costs, labor and other incidental requirements

Be sure to review generator owner expectations to learn more about what generator maintenance is required.

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