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  • GE Standby Generators

    Learn how a standby generator works with
    sizing, cost & contractor information!

  • Understand the Purchase Process

    Find the best generator size for you, learn how the installation process
    works and then check out available financing options!

  • Backup Power
    from GE Generators

    Backup power is the key to keeping the lights on during blackouts.
    Learn why a whole house generator is the right solution during power outages.

How It Works
Our generators are
permanently installed
for peace of mind in
a power outage.

GE Standby Generators

You Don’t Need a Larger Generator, Just a Smarter One

Power more for less, with a GE home generator

GE Generators

How Our Standby Generators Saves You Money:

-Lower initial investment
-Lower fuel costs
-Lower generator installation costs
-Lower maintenance because of parts & labor warranty

Smarter Backup Generators from GE

The patented Symphony® II Power Management System is designed to do all the work to actively monitor and distribute the power to your whole house. Because GE has a smarter system that considers power needs and appropriately distributes it, you can enjoy uninterrupted power from smaller generators by utilizing the automatic transfer switch with the added benefit of faster, simpler installation.

Empowers You to Power Appliances You Choose:

Homeowners can power all their essential items with GE Standby Generators and still have additional backup power for up to 8 high wattage appliances.